Love of reading to encourage love of learning

Sharing a story, song, or sonnet with young children each and every day from birth is the aim of the national Let's Read Early Literacy Program launched yesterday.

The Let's Read program encourages parents and caregivers to read with their young children every day in an effort to engender a love of words from an early age.

Research has shown that reading to children from a young age encourages a love of words and lays a foundation for the reading and writing skills that children need to succeed in both school and life.

The Let's Read program provides families with free books and other reading materials and gives parents examples of way of reading to children at various ages.

The program also provides training for community workers such as playgroup coordinators, health care workers, social workers and librarians to assist them in delivering the program in their local communities.

The Let's Read program encourages parents and caregivers to read "anywhere, anytime" including reading books, telling stories, singing songs, and playing rhyming games to their young children.

The campaign launch yesterday promoting the value of reading and the work of the Let's Read program will use radio and online communications as well as community organisations to promote the work of the program and encourage families to get involved.


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