LMBR statement

The Department of Education on the 27th June 2016 signed contracts for the final element of the LMBR system for NSW public schools.

Currently, 426 schools across the state are successfully using the LMBR finance and student management systems, increasing to 1100 by the end of the year. All remaining schools will receive these systems by the end of 2017.

The LMBR Program will deliver more than $100 million per year in benefits. These are both direct financial savings and expected economic and productivity benefits. These benefits have been independently verified by PwC.

The department is now in a position to release budget figures for the program. Costs are associated with 7 major IT solutions across schools, TAFE, and corporate offices.

Capital costs for the program are expected to be up to $470 million. Essential operational costs, such as implementation and staff training, which were never budgeted for by the previous Government, amount to $282 million. Total costs for the program from its start in 2006 until completion are $752 million.


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