Literacy and Numeracy Week

Children reading

The importance for children and young people to develop literacy and numeracy skills is the central message of National Literacy and Numeracy Week, which runs until 4 September.

New South Wales public schools are taking part in a variety of activities around this year's theme, The Fundamentals are Fun, including:

  • Reach for the Stars - students collect, share and investigate data
  • Read for Australia – teachers, students and members of the local community are invited to read together
  • Digital Stories – students create their own digital stories and share them via an online gallery.

The results of the Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards competition—the largest poetry competition for school-aged children in Australia—will be announced on Friday 2 September.

Resources for parents and children are available from the NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centrewebsite.

Find out more about National Literacy and Numeracy Week.


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