Literacy and numeracy guides

A set of booklets designed to help parents reinforce the reading, writing and mathematics skills students acquire at school has been launched by NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli at Revesby Public School.

Revesby principal Donna Dommerson said the launch was well attended by parents who were very complimentary about the content of the guides, which were developed by the NSW Board of Studies.        

"The guides recognise that parents play a very important role in the education of their children from day one and their reinforcement of what is taught in the classroom can increase the depth of what they learn at school," Mrs Dommerson said.

Mr Piccoli said the content of the guides was informed by extensive consultation to ensure they met the needs of parents.

"They explain, in simple terms, the key concepts of reading, writing and mathematics and detail what a child should be able to do at each developmental stage, with practical samples," he said.

"They also help parents understand how they can support skill development in those areas through everyday activities."

The guides are available for purchase through P&C associations and through the Board of Studies online shop.


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