Leadership fellowships awarded to public school principals

The principals of 10 NSW public schools have received prestigious fellowships highlighting the importance of continuous, life-long learning for school leaders.

Four state and six regional Leadership Fellowships were announced on Friday, 12 August by the Deputy Director-General, Schools, Greg Prior.

"The annual Leadership Fellowships provide a wonderful opportunity for principals to undertake research in key areas of leadership," Mr Prior said.

"Research areas this year include international best practice in leadership research, leading educational change and leadership succession. Findings from the Fellowships will be published through podcasts and articles on the department's website."

The state Leadership Fellowship recipients will each receive $10,000 to explore aspects of school leadership in Australia and/or overseas. Regional recipients receive $7,500 each.

Mr Prior commended all principals who applied, and thanked them for their commitment to their professional growth and learning.

Findings from the research studies will contribute to the knowledge of leadership within individuals, schools, their communities and NSW principals.


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