Laptop rollout continues in 2012

The new student laptop

All Year 9 NSW public school students will receive a laptop as part of the State Government's commitment to implementing the Federal Government's Digital Education Revolution program.

The delivery of the new laptops to more than 60,000 students will be staggered across schools through Term 1.

The laptop—the latest version of Lenovo's ThinkPad—has been developed in conjunction with the department to meet students' educational needs.

This new student laptop features:

  • the latest generation Intel Celeron 857 processor with a fast 4GB of memory
  • an 11.6-inch anti-glare screen
  • a new battery which is set to last the school day.

To help prevent wear and tear, this year's model includes an even more durable top cover, stronger keyboard and hinge, and a rubber protective bumper around the case.

The laptops are loaded with the latest Microsoft Office suite and Adobe products valued at more than $5000.

The 2012 rollout is the fourth in the $446 million Digital Education Revolution program which began in 2009. The program aims to provide every student in Years 9 to 12 with a laptop, and those students who receive a laptop in Year 9 and complete Year 12 are entitled to keep the laptop once they leave school.

All schools involved in the Digital Revolution in NSW have had wireless networks installed, allowing students to use the laptops in any learning space. Students can also connect to wireless networks at home or when out of school.

All schools involved with the program have dedicated technology support to help ensure smooth operation of the laptops at a local level.

Find out more information about the Digital Education Revolution in NSW.


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