Koori art - passing on the tradition

Koori Art Expressions artwork.An innovative collaboration between Sydney Region and the Art Gallery of NSW has resulted in a vibrant and diverse exhibition of artworks produced by students from schools from the Region.

Seventy primary and secondary school teachers received training in Aboriginal art and culture from curators and Aboriginal artists from the gallery's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art department and, in turn, passed this knowledge on to their students.

More than 70 artworks resulted from the initiative, which involved 500 students from diverse backgrounds, and focused on the theme, ‘Unsung Heroes - Closing the Gap by Leading their Way'.

Watch a slideshow featuring some of the artworks.

The works made up the Koori Art Expressions 2010 exhibition, which was on display at the Australian Museum over the summer school holidays.

A selection of 39 pieces is on show at the education department's head office in Sydney until 25 March.

The department's Sydney regional director, Dr Phil Lambert, said: "This project is an example of our commitment to enhance the curriculum for our students and to broaden our teachers' understanding and skill in teaching various subject matters."


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