Kings of rock

Erina High School band Valley of Kings.

The Valley of Kings is the best youth rock group in NSW.

The Erina High School band blew away their competition to win the 2012 Youth Rock competition and is poised to capture even greater fame.

They not only won first prize but were awarded the Silverchair Best Original Song award for their track A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing and the winning school prize. Prizes totalled nearly $15,000.

Formed in Year 9 in music class, Matt Lynch, Jake Brennan and Tom Beasley are now in Year 12.

Describing their music genre as indie/folk, Jake said they did not think they had a chance in the competition since "some of the bands ... were so tight and wrote really great songs".

"After performing at Youth Rock, we have been approached by several different people interested in our music for an array of different things such as short films and gigs," Jake said.

Tom said winning YouthRock was a blessing as it gave them a good career kick-starter and a lot of useful things such as legal consultation and recording time.

"We love writing our own songs and playing them," Tom said.

"We particularly like close vocal harmonies and I think that set us apart from others at YouthRock."

You can see the band performing and being interviewed on a recent SBS program.

Valley of Kings also has its own facebook site.

Photo: The Valley of Kings in performance. Photo by James Brennan.


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