Kids’ camp bookings now open

Bookings are now open for October school holiday kids' camps at seven Sport and Recreation Centres around New South Wales.

The camps are open to children aged seven to 15 and offer adventurous activities, such as rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking and archery, as part of a structured program that allows children to enjoy themselves while learning.

Trained staff supervise children at all times—camper safety is paramount—and packages include all activities, accommodation and meals. Supervised transport is also available to and from most camps.

Five-day camps and the one-day Kids' Club programs will be held from 26 September to 7 October.

Bookings close on the Monday two weeks before the start of each camp.

For full details about camp options, visit the Kids' Spring Campswebsite or phone the Sport and Recreation division of the Office of Communities on 13 13 02.


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