Kiwi flavour to Anzac ceremony

Orange public school students share the service with New Zealand school students.

Most schools commemorate Anzac Day with a ceremony, however, a group of regional NSW schools went one step further and invited New Zealand to join them.

Despite being seas apart, Pahiatua School students, from the North Island of New Zealand, and students from the Orange-based pre2 Learning Community were able to commemorate the joint history of their countries thanks to connected classrooms technology and Electroboard Australia, which hosted the event.

The project aimed to deepen the students understanding of significance of Anzac Day as well as develop relationships between the students at all the schools, in order that they may experience the mateship that was born on the shores of Gallipoli 97 years ago.

Students from Australia and New Zealand co-hosted the Anzac service, which started with a kappa haka performance by the students from Pahiatua. 

Orange RSL President Brian Merchant said the ceremony was the most moving ceremony he had yet attended.

"To see the children from both Australia and New Zealand commemorate ANZAC Day together was very moving," he said.

Orange Public School captain Eliza Owens said she thought it was amazing that technology allowed them to share Anzac Day with people from other countries.

"It was really awesome to be able to talk to people over in New Zealand and being able to see their Anzac traditions," she said.

Photo by Fiona McNamara.


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