It's time - a spectacular show

By the time the finale of more than 3,600 students from 400 NSW public schools performed Party Rock Anthem on  the Sydney Entertainment Centre stage, audiences were in no doubt they were experiencing something very special.

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A result of months' of hard work, perfecting choreography, practising songs, routines and choral works (not to forget the many dedicated assistants behind the scenes and more than 600 teachers) the 29th Schools Spectacular was an epic production of music, song and dance, dazzling costumes and brilliant choreography.

The line-up for this year's extravaganza boasted a 1,300-voice choir, a 180-piece orchestra, 2,000 dancers aged five to 18, as well as rock, jazz, brass and marching bands with 69 featured vocal and dance soloists aged from just seven to 18 years.

Two of the featured artists included 2011 Australia's Got Talent winner, Jack Vigden (Northern Beaches Secondary College), and 2012 Australian National Youth Concerto Competition winner, violinist Harry Ward (Sydney Distance Education High School).

Executive producer Bill Anderson said this year's theme, Our Time, spoke directly from the heart of the young performers.

"It was their time to stand in the spotlight and shine. It was their time to make a difference; their time to showcase their passions and talent; and their time to develop into the future leaders that shape this nation."

The 2012 Schools Spectacular will be broadcast nationally on Sunday 16 December on ABC1 at 6pm (one hour) and on Monday 31 December at 7pm (2.5 hours) on ABC2.


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