International students excel

Canley Vale High School student, Minh Thuy Thai, with NSW Governor Marie Bashir.

American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Junior once said: "Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." 

These qualities were acknowledged and rewarded when 54 young high achievers were recognised in the annual award presentation for international students recently held at NSW State Parliament.

The award for the highest Academic Achievement in the 2011 Higher School Certificate was presented to Vietnamese student Minh Thuy Thai who attended Canley Vale High School. 

Minh Thuy achieved an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) score of 99.95, was listed on the HSC Honour Roll and was dux of her school.

She was commended for her academic performance and also for outstanding leadership qualities as president of the school's Leo's Club (Young Lions) and as a member of the Fairfield Council Youth Advisory Committee.

The School Service Award was presented to Chinese student Yuxuan Kitty Wang who attended Asquith Girls High School. Yuxuan was nominated for her outstanding leadership and interpersonal skills, and her active and valuable contribution to school life and the community.

In particular, Yuxuan was praised for her role as a senior prefect and mentor to other international students and for her involvement in school activities including being the school representative at the Model United Nations Assembly and coordinating charity and school events.

Deputy Director-General, Gregory Prior presented certificates to 38 Academic Achievement and 16 School Service award nominees.  The students came from countries including the People's Republic of China, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Iran, Thailand, Malaysia and the Slovak Republic.

"Education empowers young people and enables them to be positive change-makers. All award recipients demonstrated outstanding academic and personal achievements and made valuable contributions to their school communities and we congratulate them," said DEC International chief executive officer Mark Howland. 

Photo: Canley Vale High School student, Minh Thuy Thai, with NSW Governor Marie Bashir. Photo by Tony Sarvelli.


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