Industry partnership brings benefits

School students from the Newcastle Community Trade Training Centre (NCTTC) will continue to be supported by industry following an agreement with the Master Builders Association and Engineers Australia.

The two organisations are the lead groups in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with the NTCC that requires industry partners to support school students to gain greater industry knowledge and experience.

The MOU will ensure students from the eight NCTTC schools will benefit from industry visits, industry guest speakers and industry mentors. Engineers Australia and the Master Builders Association have also agreed in the MOU to assist schools with strategic planning to ensure that industries are key members of the TTC. Schools and industries will work together to ensure students are supported and encouraged into training and careers in the skills shortage areas of construction, metals and engineering.

Callaghan College principal June Hingston said the principals of the eight schools involved in the NCTTC had a strong commitment to expanding student curriculum opportunities through vocational learning.

The NCTTC received $13.3 million as part of the Commonwealth Government's Trade Training Centres in Schools Program.

The money was used to upgrade school equipment and classrooms to industry standards.

"The NCTTC proposal provided the opportunity to apply for funding that would greatly enhance the current classroom provision of VET," Ms Hingston said. "Some of the facilities are more than 70 years old.

"It also provided an opportunity to promote Stage 5 VET on the junior campuses of Callaghan College. The prospect to strengthen industry and community partnerships was an added bonus of the proposal."

Those partnerships include the Master Builders Association, Hunter Valley Restaurant Management Services and Engineers Australia.

New partnerships were formed with Newcastle City Council, the Aboriginal Education Strategy Ltd and Hunter Valley Training Company.

A positive outcome is the proposed expanded, out-of-hours facilities use by WEA Hunter (adult education) and the University of Newcastle, which was negotiated during the development of the submission.

"These partnerships were an essential part of our submission and industry representatives have been involved at all stages of the submission development," Ms Hingston said.

"Our industry partners have provided advice, information, funding, employment options for students, school-based apprenticeships and traineeships, workshops and industry visits."

Schools involved include:

  • Callaghan College, Jesmond Campus
  • Callaghan College, Waratah Technology Campus
  • Callaghan College, Wallsend Campus
  • Kotara High School
  • Newcastle High School
  • Merewether High School
  • Lambton High School
  • Hunter School of Performing Arts


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