Industrial action - schools not operating

This afternoon (7 September 2011) the Industrial Relations Commission has ordered the Teachers Federation and its members not to engage in industrial action including the strike called for Thursday (8 September 2011).

Read the orders.

This order is legally binding on teachers and the union, including its officers and employees.

Prior to the orders the following schools indicated they would not be operating on Thursday and would be unable to take any students that day.

List of schools not operating.

For further information please contact your local school,  your regional office for referral to your school education director or the department's public liaison officer.

Regional offices

Sydney (Central) - 9217 4877

Sydney (North) - 9886 7000

Sydney (South West) - 9796 5446

Sydney (West) - 9208 9359

Illawarra and South East - 4222 2929

Hunter Central Coast - 4924 9999

New England - 6755 5934

North Coast - 6652 0500

Riverina - 6937 3871

Western NSW - 6883 6300

Public liaison office - 9561 8999


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