Star Indigenous chef visits Dubbo

Shanae Wilson and Nicholas Thomasz with chef Mark Olive and teacher Vicki Budden.

It was a brush with the bush for Year 8 food technology students at Dubbo College recently when Indigenous chef Mark Olive served up some truly Australian cuisine.

Tandoori crocodile, emu salad and kangaroo stir-fry was on the menu as the popular TV chef, also known as "The Black Olive" demonstrated his special style of cooking in the refurbished $800,000 trade training centre at Delroy Campus.

Mr Olive, whose people are the Bundjalung Nation from the state's northern rivers region, had students spellbound as he cooked up the exotic bush tucker.

Year 8 food technology student Nicholas Thomasz said he had learned to make some good dishes using bush tucker.

"Mark's visit has provided a great opportunity for us to learn more about Australian cuisine and it has been very practical because he has been preparing the food right in front of us," he said.

"I will definitely be following some of his recipes when I cook for my own family to taste test."

Mr Olive's visit to Delroy gave him the opportunity to talk with students about the need for fresh food in their diet and encourage them to try new things.

"This really introduces kids to amazing food," he said. "I've been to places throughout the world cooking bush tucker and I describe it as true Australian national cuisine," he said.

"It's ironic that in a country that has embraced food from many cultures, very few people have actually eaten true Australian cuisine."

Photo: Shanae Wilson and Nicholas Thomasz with chef Mark Olive and teacher Vicki Budden. Photo by Robyn Nethery.


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