HSC: future teacher

Brianna Mead from Oxley High School

While most students getting their results today have said farewell to school classrooms forever, for Brianna Mead of Tamworth it will be her future.

The Oxley High graduate plans a career in teaching after she completes a Bachelor of Early Childhood/Bachelor of Primary Education at the University of Newcastle.

Brianna was confident of securing a place in the coveted course as she logged onto her results this morning.

"I have achieved everything I planned and more," a very happy Brianna said.

"I'm feeling very confident about getting into my course."

Brianna's teaching aspiration only really gelled as she embarked on her Year 11 studies despite parents, teachers and others who observed her "knack of communicating with children" hinting and encouraging her to take on the profession.

It was a stint teaching children to swim through an Oz Swim program that convinced her.

"This experience was enjoyable and inspiring," Brianna said.

"I was able to see the effects of my teaching.

"[It helped me] realise how much I enjoyed contact with children and how important the early learning years of a child's life are to their future abilities.

"Teaching is the ideal career for me as it allows me to express myself and my passions through the incorporation of music, languages, writing skills and so on to have each child experience an effective, positive and memorable schooling experience."

Brianna's own schooling experience has been studded with teachers who will continue to inspire her as she returns to the classroom on the other side of the desk.

The longest and most enduring is her Year 1 teacher, Mrs Elliot.

"Mrs Elliott was encouraging and enthusiastic, which I found very memorable," Brianna said.

"To this day Mrs Elliot remains an inspiration to pursue teaching."

As she progressed through her schooling, right up to her final year at Oxley High, many other teachers made their mark.

"Looking back, their attitude towards teaching inspires me and has assisted me to form my view of teaching," Brianna added.


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