HSC class of 2017: take a bow

Almost 39,000 NSW public school students received their HSC results today, the culmination of 13 years of learning.

The Secretary of the Department of Education, Mark Scott, congratulated the students and their teachers, principals, parents and carers who supported them through their education.

"The HSC is a world-class credential and it takes an enormous amount of collaboration, study and dedication to get to this point today," Mr Scott said.

This year saw a record number of students sit the HSC – 77,150 NSW students completed at least one HSC course and 68,816 students were awarded a HSC. This year there were 10,500 more HSC students than there were in 2007.

Public school students featured strongly in the HSC merit lists, making up:

  • 60% of the First in Course awards
  • 50% of the All Round Achievers for students who achieve a top band in 10 units or more
  • 46% of the Distinguished Achievers List (top band in at least one course).

In NSW public schools, 44,653 students completed at least one HSC course, 38,928 students were awarded a HSC and 30,175 students will be eligible for an ATAR when they are released tomorrow. The number of Aboriginal students sitting the HSC has more than doubled in the past decade, from 911 students in 2007 to 2,096 students this year.

Mr Scott said the course selection by HSC students showed promising trends in a number of areas, including the study of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). NSW Education Standards Authority data shows an increase of 700 students taking Advanced English in 2017 and 81% of students this year studied at least one mathematics subject.

Around 50% of students studied at least one science subject. Biology continued to dominate course selection, with enrolments growing 26% in the past decade.

Vocational Education and Training courses were taken by 28% of all NSW HSC students, with enrolments growing by 10% since 2007.

"These are all the skills and knowledge our students need to flourish in a rapidly changing world," Mr Scott said.

"Congratulations to every HSC student and our best wishes for a fulfilling future. It's a wonderful achievement."


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