Hooked on knitting

Students from Birrong Girls High display their knitting.

In 1963, Victor Davidson's great-grandmother taught him how to crochet and he has never looked back.

The teacher librarian at Birrong Girls High School, Mr Davidson encourages knitting at his school as well as Regents Park Public School.

"My students and I will be knitting (and crocheting) together at the ABC Ultimo headquarters for this year's KNIT IN," Mr Davidson said. "It's a fabulous event that we've been involved with for several years.

"Just recently a Year 6 girl who I was teaching said - 'sir, knitting never grows old does it?' How beautiful is that?"

The KNIT IN is an annual event run by 702 ABC Sydney where knitters and crafters are encouraged to help support the charity Wrap with Love's pledge to provide warm wraps for people suffering from extreme cold.

In 2010, ABC listeners and volunteers in NSW created about 27,617 squares and 7,039 wraps.

This year Adam Spencer's Breakfast program is keen to amass a collection of yellow and green squares that can be sewn together to create the longest scarf yet presented to the Wallabies and the Australian Rugby Union in the run-up to the Rugby World Cup.

After the World Cup, the scarf will be deconstructed and made into wraps for the Wrap with Love cause.

The scarf will be created during the live radio broadcast on Friday 5 August between 7am and 1pm.

Mr Spencer's one regret from school was that he did not learn to knit.

"I really envy the kids getting involved in KNIT IN," he said.

Regents Park Public School students on knitting

"It is very rewarding to the heart because I think I could be saving someone's life. I heard that more people die of hypothermia than hunger."

"My knitting is helping people. In the knitting group I also get the chance to be together with my friends from other classes."

"It's fun, it occupies my mind and it's relaxing."

"It is so much fun learning something new."

Photo: Students display their work. Photo supplied by the ABC.


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