TAFE higher education options

Students can now study towards a degree in accounting at TAFE NSW as part of the expansion of the organisation's higher education activities.

The tertiary pathway to accounting offers students an alternative gateway to the profession and is designed to fill a gap in current educational offerings. It aims attract and retain students who do not traditionally enrol at university, and to build their confidence to progress and succeed.

Students undertake their first two years of study with TAFE NSW Higher Education, gaining a TAFE NSW Associate Degree of Accounting which equates with the first two years of each partner university's relevant bachelor degree. It enables students to enrol in the third year of a relevant bachelor degree program.

The director of TAFE NSW Higher Education, Martin Brown, said the pathway has the potential to challenge some long-held assumptions and perceptions that the community has of TAFE.

"It provides an opportunity to demonstrate both that TAFE NSW is operating in the higher education space, and that there are considerable benefits of TAFE NSW and universities working together," said Mr Brown.

"The associate degree prepares work-ready and university-ready graduates by developing both theoretical knowledge and academic foundation skills through the course content, and practical, deep and authentic work-based experience through an industry internship."

Audio (MP3): Martin Brown explains why TAFE NSW has moved into the higher education area.

Students receive transition support to ensure they settle in well and continued learning support for those who need it.

Other tertiary-level courses include finance, animation, IT and early childhood education,

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