Harmony is key to national singalong

Woonona High School student Courtney Loxton

Imagine more than 500,000 students across Australia performing the same song at the same time.

That's what will be happening with Music: Count Us In on 1 September at 11.30 in the morning.

What's more, Woonona High School student Courtney Loxton co-wrote the song, "We've Got the Music" to be sung nationwide.

Earlier this year Woonona High music teacher Rhiannon Sharp passed on some information about Music Play For Life to some of the school's budding composers.

As a result, Courtney, along with 11 other students from across Australia, was chosen to attend the national workshop in Sydney in April.

The students were divided into groups of three, designated a musical mentor and set about writing a song.

"The workshop was inspirational and so much fun," Courtney said.

"Working with the wonderful music professionals and the 11 different student songwriters from around Australia was a fantastic and eye-opening experience."

Courtney's group was mentored by the lead singer of Thirsty Merc, Rai Thistlewayte.

 "I was thrilled to hear that the song she co-wrote at the workshop was selected by John Foreman to be the official song for the Music Count Us In program," Ms Sharp said.

"Our school will definitely be one of the many on the day singing Courtney's song."

Music: Count Us In is designed to celebrate and promote music education in all Australian schools.

One of the schools that will sing on the day will be Bellingen High School.

The Bellingen community has been written up as a case study on the Music Play For Life website.

"During Education Week we did a performance of We've Got the Music with many of the schools in the region," Bellingen High music teacher and Music for Life coordinator, Pru Borgert said.

"Our senior students invented actions for the song chorus, which they've been teaching to Year 7 students during their free periods. The peer-teaching opportunity is fantastic.

"We can't wait for September 1 when we'll be singing along with the rest of Australia."

Photo: Woonona High student Courtney Loxton with program ambassador John Foreman. Photo by Rhiannon Sharp.


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