Greener schools pilot program

A greener approach to cooling classrooms in summer and heating them in winter will be trialled in an attempt to minimise the use of air-conditioning and reduce energy costs in NSW public schools.

The trial will involve 11 schools and use a variety of design solutions to control temperature, including better insulation, building repairs, sunscreens and landscaping, in the range of school building types for climate zones across the state.

Education minister Adrian Piccoli said measures to reduce energy use have obvious financial and environmental benefits.

"Instead of imposing an even greater burden on school finances in the form of a carbon tax, by encouraging energy efficiency schools may save money on their power bills," Mr Piccoli said.

The trial of what is known as the Thermal Comfort Framework will run from October 2011 to the end of 2012.

The education department is also looking to trial a range of new technologies to assist schools to achieve greater energy efficiencies, including:

  • load shedding technology to manage peak electricity demand
  • introducing power management software to reduce energy consumption
  • expanding the use of appropriate renewable energy sources.

Find out more about the pilot program and the schools involved.


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