Great Schools 'Show-Off' winners

Gosford High School student.

Budding public school filmmakers have been recognised for telling their amazing school stories in the inaugural Great Schools 'Show-Off' competition.

More than 180 schools from across NSW entered with an array of digital promotional material.

According to one of the judges, Toronto High School principal Mark McConville, the videos showed the diversity of NSW public schools and the excellence of education offered by the schools.

"The common theme from many of the schools was the importance of the school within the community," Mr McConville said.

Primary School category winner: The Pocket Public School in Billinudgel on the state's north coast

Secondary School category winner: Gosford High School

Group of Schools category winner: Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community

See the awards showcase

The winning schools receive a high-definition camcorder and plasma television package worth over $2,500 and donated by Panasonic.

Photo: courtesy of Gosford High School.


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