Government announces key components of Smart and Skilled reforms

The NSW Government has announced details of two key components of its Smart and Skilled reforms of the vocational education and training sector in the state.

The NSW Skills List defines the qualifications that are eligible for NSW Government funding in 2014, while the Quality Framework sets the criteria for providers wanting to deliver government-subsidised training and ensures closer monitoring of training provider performance and outcomes.

"The Skills List includes qualifications that 95 per cent of government-funded students have chosen to study in the last four years," Mr Piccoli said.

"This means that 100 per cent of government funds will go to 95 per cent of the courses that students want to study.

"Under the Quality Framework, the NSW Government will work closely with the Federal Government training regulator to maintain course quality, give students better information about their studies and provide a clear complaint process."

Find out more information on the State Training Services website. 


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