Gosford Public School plan improved

The plan to relocate Gosford Public School has been improved following community input.

The revised plan now includes:

  • a larger communal hall
  • two additional special programs rooms for Gosford Public School
  • four upgraded science laboratories and a new covered outdoor learning area (COLA) for Henry Kendall High School.

Education minister Adrian Piccoli said the additions will mean the relocation of the school to surplus land on the site of Henry Kendall High School, which was announced in December last year, will be an improvement for students.

"The complete rebuild of the school with the latest facilities was always intended to deliver a learning environment second to none, but further consultation with parents, community and staff means we have been able to tailor the plans specifically to their needs and expectations," Mr Piccoli said.

In addition to new facilities, which include 22 classrooms, a canteen, a COLA, and a library, the site has approximately 1.2 hectares of play space.

Mr Piccoli said the close proximity to Henry Kendall High School will offer further benefits.

"There will be options for closer cooperation in the transition from primary to high school, and the opportunity for the primary students, including the opportunity class, to have access to some specialised secondary facilities such as science labs, while the school maintains its current staffing allocation," he said.

"I am confident that the improvements to the plans made by the Project Control Group in consultation with parents, staff and neighbours take account of issues raised in the community."


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