Apps create new educational possibilities

Teachers and students are about to have an explosion of knowledge through Google Apps for Education.

The NSW DEC is partnering with Google to allow the state's 750,000 students and 85,000 teachers to use these innovative applications.

Public Schools NSW director Dianne Marshall said the online applications allowed students and teachers to collaborate, create, present and research more effectively in the online environment.

Apps included:

  • Google Docs - allowing teachers and students to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and slideshow presentations
  • Sites - which has easy-to-use templates to create websites
  • Groups - which facilitates communication
  • Contacts - which creates lists to share documents, sites and groups.

The staff and student portals will be used to access the apps with no usernames or passwords.

"Our focus is all about making access and use easy," Ms Marshall said.

Now being trialled at a small number of schools, it is anticipated all teachers, corporate staff and students would receive access early next year.


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