Good games for learning

ABC TV host Goose and a Merrylands High School student.

It may not be Hollywood, but Merrylands High School students are preparing for 15 minutes of fame on the ABC's children's channel, ABC3.

On June 30, the national broadcaster's gaming show, Good Game: Spawn Point, will feature Merrylands High School students and their science teacher, Alice Leung.

The episode will look at how Ms Leung has integrated video games into classroom activities to increase student engagement, providing students with opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

The program will show students using popular gaming platforms and other devices to play:

  • Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing to design and perform a scientifically controlled experiment to test how mobile phones affected driving skills
  • Kinect Adventures to learn about the characteristics of leadership and teamwork.

Year 7 student Arian Jahiri said by using a driving simulator they tested both driving with and without a mobile phone, and concluded talking on a mobile phone definitely affected driving skills.

Ms Leung, who is Microsoft Partners in Learning Teacher of the Year 2012, has represented the DEC in March and April 2012 in New Zealand and Singapore.

Photo: Good Game reporter Goose with Merrylands High School students. Photo supplied by ABC3.


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