Community quest for school name

The community is invited to suggest names for the renewed academically selective high school that will open at Glenfield in 2023.

Director Public Schools NSW Liverpool, Nick Magriplis encourages the community to engage in creating the identity for the school.

"We hope the name will reflect significance for the school community here in South Western Sydney, possibly honouring a historical figure, an influential person in education or representing someone exemplifying good values," Mr Magriplis said.

"Later as the development progresses we will consult with the community about other aspects that will lay foundations for the identity and culture of the school."

Mr Magriplis said a website has been set up with more details about the school, Glenfield educational precinct and the community consultation.

The renewed academically selective high school, catering for more than 1000 students, will be developed on the site of the Hurlstone Agricultural High School which will transfer to Western Sydney University's Hawkesbury Campus in 2020.

It will open for students in 2023.

Community consultation about the proposed name closes on Wednesday, 13 July.



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