Girls’ holiday program

A holiday program that helps teenage girls deal with the emotional and physical issues in their lives will take place during the summer holidays.

Participants will explore a number of related topics, including self-awareness and self-worth, social messages about having a ‘perfect' body or behaving in a certain way, and developing healthy friendships.

The Girls' Empowerment Program is designed to help girls challenge themselves and the way they think about mixed social messages, and reconnect with the core values and self-belief that may have become lost in adolescence.

The program – to be held in January at the Lake Burrendong Centre, near Orange - is one of the latest editions to the popular kids' holiday camps run by Sport and Recreation.

As a girls-only space, the five-day camp will offer a mix of fun, physical activities with sessions that aim to boost the wellbeing and confidence of teenage girls aged 13–16 years.


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