Fundraiser a ringing success

Turramurra Public School has found its calling with a fundraising campaign to help young people living with cancer.

As part of the You Can Schools Program, run by CanTeen and the Sony Foundation, the school set itself a target of collecting more than 1500 mobile phones.

Cash for old phones

Under the program the Sony Foundation swaps old mobile phones for cash, which it donates to CanTeen to raise money for the development of youth cancer programs and services.

Donated phones are either refurbished and resold or broken down and recycled.

"It was a fantastic opportunity to help save young lives, while strengthening partnerships between our parents, school and community," parent volunteer Catherine Rose, who coordinated the campaign, said.

Positive learning experience

Turramurra principal Margaret Foott said the whole school community rallied together to donate phones.

"Mrs Rose was the backbone of the program, and the whole process was very easy for the school to set up," Ms Foott said.

"It was a positive learning experience for all involved."

In just eight weeks, students donated 1596 phones in return for 'You Can Yellows', an adapted version of certificates used in the school's existing merit system.

Parent James Seabrook took a promotional kit into work and following the school's 'How to' guide approached his IT department for old phones.

From an initial estimate of 35 phones, 275 phones were donated by his workplace.

Out of School Hours (OOSH) Care coordinator Lesley Schufft also rallied to the cause.

Support for a good cause

The day the collection bin arrived, Ms Schufft talked to the children about difficulties faced by teenagers in hospital, and personally invited parents arriving for pick-up to take a collection kit.

As a result another 850 phones were donated through OOSH.

Year 6 student Eddie Frankish and his mother approached Sydney Cellular in North Sydney and the owner donated more than 120 phones.

Turramurra's Year 6 class attended a training excursion to whiteboard manufacturer Promethean's head office as a thank you for being the first school in Australia to earn an interactive whiteboard through the program.

Turramurra School now has an interactive whiteboard, an ActiView Presenter, and class set of 32 ActivExpression devices while CanTeen has received much needed funding.

And their target has been surpassed with the total of phones collected now standing at more than 2000.


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