Fairness and integrity at the core of NSW HSC

The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) has released 2015 data from programs supporting the fairness and integrity of the NSW HSC.

There were 6985 applications for disability provisions, with 94% either fully or partially approved and 89% of all schools having at least one application.

206 schools registered 719 instances involving 623 students of malpractice in assessment tasks, the most frequent type being plagiarism, for which 64% of cases received zero marks and 32% reduced marks.

Only ten students out of 77,000 appeared before the Examination Rules Committee for breaching examination rules, and there were 97 students where the school was unable to certify that the student's major project was all their own work or completed on time.

More information can be found on the BOSTES website.



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