Eye-catching designs on display

Penrith High School student Matthew White recieves the Alan Broady Memorial Award.Almost 30 of the most innovative HSC major design projects are the focus of an ongoing exhibition at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.

The 2010 DesignTECH exhibition, on show until 1 May 2011, features 27 major design projects by HSC design and technology, and textiles and design students.

Students from two NSW government schools received special awards at the exhibition's official launch, held earlier this month.

The recipients were:

  • Matthew White from Penrith High School for the Aus e-bass - the Alan Broady Memorial Award presented by Sydney University for exemplary use of resources in design and production
  • James Perkins from Great Lakes College Tuncurry Senior campus for the LDROG Learner iPhone application - the Australian International Design Awards Prize for concept design and innovation presented by Good Design Australia.

NSW Board of Studies president Tom Alegounarias congratulated all the exhibiting students for the quality of their work and recognised the contribution made by family members and teachers.

"I have to say, it's a very enjoyable time of year for me," Mr Alegounarias said. "Not only do I enjoy the showcases of students' work, I'm also afforded an opportunity to see some tangible results of our outstanding education system."

The DesignTECH exhibition, an initiative of the Board of Studies and the education department, will tour regional centres including Dubbo, Tamworth and Newcastle later this year.

Read more about DesignTECH.

Photo: Penrith High School student Matthew White recieves the Alan Broady Memorial Award. Photo supplied by the Board of Studies.


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