Extra funding for regional performing arts students

Performing arts students in rural NSW will benefit from $60,000 in State Government funding to four regional theatres.

The funding is part of the NSW Government's commitment to increasing access to the arts for regionally and socio-economically disadvantaged students and their teachers.

The program will support activity that is in addition to the venues' current programming, will target students from disadvantaged schools, and is expected to allow up to 3,730 students to experience the performing arts.

Funding of $15,000 each is being made available to:

  • Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre
  • Orange Civic Theatre
  • Wagga Civic Theatre
  • Griffith Regional Theatre.

The money can be used to subsidise the price of tickets, the cost of travel for students attending performances, as well as the cost of workshops and theatre programs designed specifically for students.

Minister for the Arts George Souris said the funding would be a boost for the regional performing arts sector, students and their teachers.

"The opportunity to experience performing arts can be life-changing for many students," Mr Souris said.


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