Media release - Excellence in schools recognised

Sixteen schools and school groups were given the Director-General's School Achievement Award for their significant contributions to education.

The annual awards recognise the strength of public education in New South Wales.

The 14 schools and two groups of schools that received the awards have implemented a diverse range of programs, from quality teaching of literacy and numeracy, through to performing arts and leadership and for contributing to a positive school environment.

The Director-General of the NSW Department of Education and Communities, Dr Michele Bruniges, congratulated all recipients for their outstanding contributions to their students' outcomes. 

"It is the dedication and commitment of our teachers, principals and support staff as well as our partnerships with our school communities that make our education system world-class," Dr Bruniges said.

See the list of school winners and their projects 2011 Director-General's School Achievement Award recipients.

Read the media release.


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