Excellence in hospitality

Teachers cooking in kitchen

Game birds, seafood tortellini and textures of chocolate were on the menu when 40 teachers from NSW public schools became the first to take part in a new VET hospitality industry immersion experience last week.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs offer pathways for school students into careers, further study, training or employment. There are currently more than 7,500 students enrolled in VET Hospitality in Year 11 and 12, making it the largest VET subject taught in NSW public schools.

The NSW Department of Education support schools and teachers to ensure each VET course is delivered and complies with the national standards of each industry curriculum framework.

Through the Excellence in Hospitality program teachers of the HSC course learn from industry chefs and hospitality experts about the latest in industry skills and emerging trends such as food pop-ups, edible art molecular gastronomy and tea mixology.

These skills are then taken back to the classroom to enhance the delivery of hospitality courses to HSC students.

Robyn Pemberton, Leader, VET for Secondary Schools, said the program helps teachers connect and engage with the hospitality industry, further developing their knowledge in the subject.

"This is a unique opportunity for our VET hospitality teachers to come together and learn about the latest trends in the industry," she said.

The five-day immersive experience was established by the Department of Education in partnership with William Angliss Institute Sydney.

Throughout the program the teachers showcased and refined their new skills and creativity by preparing for a long lunch and five-course dinner for 40 invited guests.

A range of delectable sweet and savoury items were on the menu including tea smoked ocean trout, beef ribs, chocolate brownies and apple pie.

The program concluded with a networking session with industry guests.


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