Empowering public schools

The education department will begin a process of consultation aimed at giving public schools more control over key aspects of their operations to enable better teaching and learning.

The Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli said local schools were best placed to improve student outcomes.

"For too long public schools have had their capacity to adapt to meet the needs of their students stymied by bureaucratic red tape and overcentralised command and control," said Mr Piccoli.

"They need more flexibility to make decisions about managing resources, the staff in their schools, maintenance and purchasing," he said.

Mr Piccoli said he will ask the incoming Director-General, Dr Michele Bruniges, to work with principals and other department staff to consult widely and establish a framework for making decisions to improve outcomes for students.

The Minister also announced an independent review of the Department of Education and Communities school-based management pilot in 47 schools.

"The results of this review will provide further advice on how to improve the ability of principals to lead their schools, improve student learning and address community expectations," Mr Piccoli said.

Read the Minister's media release.


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