Education Week launched

Melanie Dwyer performing.

The launch of Education Week 2011 proved to be an all-singing, all-dancing affair for NSW public school students.

All 34 students from Bungwahl Public School entertained the crowds at Central Railway Station's grand concourse with an impressive demonstration for Jump Rope for Heart.

Then more than 300 students broke into dance at Central Station as other groups of students danced simultaneously at locations across the state. Around 5000 students in total participated in the event.

The launch featured a performance from Inverell High School student Melanie Dwyer, who sang her composition 'The Power's in our Hands' – a reflection of the Education Week 2011 theme: Creating the future. Melanie was accompanied by a rousing support choir at Central Station, along with soloists and choirs across the state.

NSW Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli officially launched the week following the student performances.

"It was an exciting start to Education Week 2011," he said. "It is amazing to consider that nearly 5,000 students were participating at the same time across the state. This is such a creative way to showcase the talents and achievements of our students, teachers and school communities."

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Listen to Melanie Dwyer sing 'The Power's in Our Hands'.

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Photo: Melanie Dwyer performing at Central Railway Station.

Read the education minister's media release.


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Students performing at the launch of Education Week.

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