Education Week – achievements on display

Education minister Adrian Piccoli has encouraged people to visit public schools during Education Week to see firsthand the achievements of students and teachers.

Education Week, which begins on 1 August with a surprise launch event featuring more than 1500 students throughout NSW, provides a showcase for the programs and initiatives being undertaken in schools.

Schools will hold a variety of events, including performances, read-a-thons and barbecues.

Mr Piccoli said Education Week, whose theme this year is "creating the future", is a chance to reflect on how far we have come, since the first public school opened in 1848, and where we are headed.

"It's an opportunity for schools to exhibit how they support a whole range of students, showcasing their academic strengths and outstanding results; the excellent work with students who have special needs; quality arts, sports, gifted and talented programs and extracurricular activities; as well as the focus on teaching strong values," Mr Piccoli said.

"All our Education Week events will reflect the fact that students, teachers and communities across New South Wales are witnessing an exciting time in public schools.

"The State Government has a strong agenda to build and sustain great education results and lifelong learning in New South Wales."

Other Education Week events include:

  • Director-General for a Day - an opportunity for secondary students to learn about the challenges and rewards of working in senior management positions in the department.
  • F1 in Schools, the Formula One Technology Challenge Exhibition - an engineering and design action-learning project for students, implemented in high schools around the world.
  • Jump Rope for Heart - a physical activity and fundraising program designed to inspire school students get active in a fun and exciting way.

Find out more about Education Week 2011.


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