Education Week 2017

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Education Week is a state-wide, annual event to celebrate public education in NSW. This year it will be held from 31 July to 4 August.

The week highlights the achievements of public education and local schools, putting the spotlight on our students, our educators and the communities that support them.

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Join the Ed Week launch


For the first time, Education Week will be launched via a simulcast from both Sydney (Glenmore Park High School) and Tamworth (Tamworth High School) on Monday 31 July, 10am-11am. The two sites will be integrated virtually and livestreamed to schools right around the state, demonstrating how learning communities across NSW are overcoming distance through the use of technology.

Take part in the celebrations by live-streaming the Ed Week launch at your school. Connect via our YouTube live-stream from 10am on Monday 31 July.

Contact your local school to find out what is happening in your community to celebrate Education Week 2017.

Share the story of how your school community learns using #EDWEEK17.

Education Week theme

This year's theme is I Learn, We Learn. It is a celebration of our schools' commitment to ensuring:

System-wide improvement

Every student, every teacher, every leader and every school will improve every year.

High expectations for all

A culture of high expectations for our students and our educators sets high standards, which leads to high achievement.

Personalised student learning

By teaching to the strengths and needs of each individual, students will be better able to reach and exceed their potential.


Every student will be known, cared for and respected.

Creating stronger ties with local communities

Parents and carers are our schools' partners in the education and wellbeing of each student. Partnerships with local businesses and industry create opportunities for our students to contribute to and thrive in society.

Media enquiries 

Contact Melissa McCullough, Media Liaison Officer | 0432 861 653


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