Education Week 2012

Students dance at the launch of Education Week 2012.

All around NSW public school students and teachers celebrated Education Week.

Launched on Monday 30 July in a blaze of colour and music in Sydney's Martin Place, 8,000 students from across the state danced simultaneously to a single piece of music.

Students Anja Nissen (Year 11, Winmalee High School) and Natasha Andrande (Year 12, Newtown High School of the Performing Arts) and the Public School Junior Singers performed Creating Our Future. The student-commissioned theme song was written by Anna Stewart-Yates and Olivia Utharntharm, Year 8 students at Hornsby Girls High School.

"It's a week where schools invite families and communities into classrooms and to special events to witness the depth and breadth of student learning, the excellent teaching and the wonderful support provided by our school administrative and support staff who work in offices, classrooms, libraries and on school grounds," director-general Dr Michele Bruniges said.

Watch an audio slideshow of Education Week activities.

Other events held in Sydney during the week included:

Director for a Day provided opportunities for secondary students to learn about the challenges and satisfactions of working in senior management in the department.

The Great Schools 'Show-off' Showcase allowed creative students to represent their schools through the production of promotional videos.

Read more about the launch on the NSW Public Schools website and watch videos of the singers.

Photo: Students dance in Martin Place at the launch of Education Week 2012. Photo by Chris Denton.


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