Early childhood funding review

The NSW Government's review of funding for early childhood education has released a discussion paper that explains the context of the review, outlines the directions for reform and details how people can provide comment .

The review, which is being chaired by social policy academic Professor Deborah Brennan, will make recommendations for a funding system that will help increase participation in early childhood education, particularly for disadvantaged children.

Read the discussion paper.

Submissions addressing the issues raised in the paper or any other aspect of the Review's terms of reference are welcome.

The closing date for submissions is now Friday 18 November 2011.

How to make a submission

Submissions can be emailed to ECEfundingreview@det.nsw.edu.au or posted to the following address:

NSW Review of Early Childhood Education Funding
NSW Department of Education and Communities

Inquiries about the Review can be directed to the Review Manager, Paul Sheehan, at Paul.Sheehan@det.nsw.edu.au


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