A disabilities website collaboration

A Reg Mombassa illustration - part of the Physical as Anything website design.

Parents, teachers and healthcare professionals have a new, user-friendly website to help them better support school children with a medical, developmental or psychological condition.

Physical as anything provides tailored information for parents and carers, schools and teachers, and healthcare professionals to help them help students together.

The website is a collaboration between the department and the Children's Hospital at Westmead with engaging artwork designed by the iconic artist and long-term patron Reg Mombassa.

Useful and user-friendly

The content taps into more than 50 articles by medical and educational experts and covers more than 75 medical conditions from autism and vision impairment to cancer and depression and anxiety. It also contains an A to Z of medical conditions endorsed by the department and NSW Health, useful links, videos, fact sheets and other resources to help all involved meet the needs of students.

Dr Michael Stevens, senior staff specialist in Westmead's oncology unit and the site's editor-in-chief, said physical as anything was the product of years of work and built on resources that previously only existed in hard copy.

Dr Stevens added that for schools in particular, the "information contains implications of each condition for a student's education and resources for teachers to assist in providing effective support to these students".

Schools as partners

The department's disability programs director, Brian Smyth King, said: "Effective schools work in partnership with students, their parents or carers and other relevant people to support every student's access to education.

"This resource gives schools additional support to achieve this so schools are encouraged to share it with parents and carers."

Mr Smyth King said the information on the site would be reviewed regularly to ensure it remained accurate and current.

The website can be viewed at Physicalasanything.com.

Artwork: reproduced with the permission of Reg Mombassa.


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