Director-general for a day

Students Luke Chapman and Sharon Mo with acting director-general Pam Christie.

Two public school students experienced what's involved in running a NSW government department when they recently shadowed acting director-general of education and communities, Pam Christie, as part of the director-general for a day program.

James Ruse Agricultural High School student Sharon Mo wanted the experience so she could look at strategies and policies associated with facilitating and nurturing a passion for education in all secondary schools.

Pennant Hills High School student Luke Chapman was very excited when he heard he had been picked as it was a great opportunity.

"I really wanted to learn more about the role of the director-general of education," he said.

"She has got so much responsibility over the education of all children.

"I'm passionate about education. It's definitely an area I would consider for the future," Luke said.

Ms Christie said the experience allowed students to see how educational policy related to schools.

"Having the students with me for the day not only gave them the chance to experience what it was like to be a director general, it also gave me the chance to see the department through their eyes," she said.

"Both students showed a willingness to look into the bigger questions, and challenge many things we take for granted.

"They are an excellent example of how public education doesn't just teach our students but encourages them to question and learn," Ms Christie said.

Twenty students from across the state were chosen to participate in the day, shadowing senior officers and hearing about their ideas, touring the offices and joining managers in meetings.

The experience gave the students an opportunity to understand some of the complexities involved in leading a large department in which schools and TAFE operate.

Photo: Students Luke Chapman and Sharon Mo with acting director-general Pam Christie.


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