Director-General participates in homelessness initiative

Like many people who walk through the city and see people sleeping on the streets, the department's Director-General Michele Bruniges wonders why as a society we can't do more to help the homeless.

This concern motivated Dr Bruniges to join other leaders around Australia in the annual Vinnies CEO Sleepout on 20 June.

 "There are many reasons why people are homeless – such as poverty and personal tragedy," she said. "Many of the homeless are women and children and some of them are students we educate in our public schools."

"I have registered for the 2013 Vinnies CEO Sleepout to raise awareness about homelessness – and funds to make life better for people who may have no choice but to sleep rough.

"I also want to highlight the power of education to transform lives for people of any age, and particularly for young people who are homeless."

More than 100,000 Australians find themselves homeless each night. Nearly half are women; a quarter are under the age of 18.

People can support the Vinnies CEO Sleepout by making a donation and spreading the word about the project.  

Since the event began in 2006, it has raised more than $13 million to support Vinnies homeless services.


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