Director-general for a day 2012

Students Ryan Hansen and Daniella Mraovic with director-general Michele Bruniges.

The opportunity to be the department's director-general for a day is a memory that will stay with two public school students for a long time to come.

Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School student Ryan Hansen and Daniella Mraovic from Beverly Hills Girls High School were thrilled to be chosen for this experience.

Ryan's principal, Gordon Cooper, described him as "an exemplary student ... admired by both his peers and the wider school community as a real asset to (the) school".

Daniella, who has a lengthy record of involvement in the student representative council and served as a Youth Parliament member last year, looked forward to finding out more about the role of the director-general.

At the end of the day, both students were in awe of what the director-general, Dr Michele Bruniges does.

"It was an amazing experience," Daniella said. "Today we got to meet ministers as well as present medals out at Homebush.

"Michele is an inspirational lady ... I can't believe all the good things and hard work she does."

Ryan agreed and described presenting medals as "a very surreal experience".

He enjoyed meeting Minister Victor Dominello.

"We talked about Aboriginal issues and he asked us a number of questions," Ryan said.

Ryan was also impressed by Minister Adrian Piccoli.

"It was really interesting meeting Minister Piccoli, the Education Minister and learning about new additions to public schools," Ryan said.

"He also has a really cool office with a mad view!"

This was Dr Bruniges' first experience of having students take over her role for the day.

The day was a tremendous opportunity for students to gain an understanding of what goes on within the department.

Photo: Ryan Hansen and Daniella Mraovic with director-general Michele Bruniges. Photo by David Lefcovitch.


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