Deadly Kids Doing Well Awards 2013

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It was with immense pride and excitement that more than 600 students, family members, teachers, Aboriginal Education staff and special guests entered Bay 17 CarriageWorks in Sydney for the 2013 Deadly Kids Doing Well Awards.

The awards are a highlight of the Public Schools NSW Aboriginal Education calendar each year. They celebrate the academic achievements, leadership skills and attendance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Sydney's public schools.

As well as congratulating the students for their hard work, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Victor Dominello acknowledged the support students received from their families and community Elders as well as the teachers and staff at their schools.

Chief executive officer of the Tribal Warrior and Australia's Local Hero 2013, Shane Phillips, praised the students in achieving their awards.

Mr Phillips also thanked teachers, principals, parents and community members for their tireless efforts in supporting such deadly kids to do well.


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