DanceSport Challenge

Photo: Dancers from Haberfield Public School.

Imagine more than 800 boys and girls whirling and twirling in full ballroom regalia, watched by a packed audience.

Imagine that these children are all in Year 5 and have mastered all four traditional ballroom dance modes (salsa, tango, cha cha and jive).

And imagine further that they are competing in front of judges, such as professional dancers Aric Yegudkin, Michael Wojack, Masha Belash and Ross Riek, and you have an event which, … well, captures the imagination.

The colour, movement and sheer fun experienced at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre in Homebush on 4 September, was remarkable.

Originally established as a way of uniting communities by teaching children the respect, cooperation, partnership and responsibility that comes with dancing together, the Public School NSW DanceSport Challenge has grown in scale every year since its inception in 2006. 

Further fuelled by the popularity of shows like Strictly Ballroom the Musical and Dancing with the Stars, this year's competition included student dancers from 28 public schools around the Sydney area.

This year's trophy was held aloft by the team from Clemton Park Public School in Kingsgrove.


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