Gratitude fires Coolah cooks


Coolah Central's commercial kitchen and the country cooking skills of staff and students were put to good use as a huge bush fire raged to the south-east of the Central West community this week.

As catastrophic fire conditions seared outside, the kitchen became a hive of activity as volunteers prepared cakes, biscuits and sandwiches for local and visiting firefighters battling to bring the huge blaze under control.

With choking smoke blanketing the town and the 50,000 hectare inferno edging closer, the school followed Rural Fire Service advice to send remaining students home to the safety of their parents, but the student and staff cooks continued undaunted.

Coolah Central School Principal, George Frangos was full of praise for his tireless team.

"We are proud to be part of the huge effort," Mr Frangos said.

"The value of helping others is one we encourage here at Coolah Central.

"We hope that those who are doing so much for our community appreciate the heartfelt gratitude of our school community expressed through their cooking."


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