Conversation on teacher quality

The general public is being encouraged to share ideas on how to improve the quality of teaching and student outcomes in NSW schools following the release of a discussion paper.

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli, who launched the discussion paper, said the document - Great Teaching, Inspired Learning - was "designed to trigger a wave of discussion and debate in the education community and the broader community about the quality of teaching in NSW schools."

"Teachers in NSW already do an amazing job, but as we prepare our students for the challenges of the 21st century, we need to think very carefully about how we can ensure the teachers in their classroom are world class," Mr Piccoli said.

The paper - developed by Dr Michele Bruniges, Director-General of the Department of Education and Communities, Mr Tom Alegounarias, President of the NSW Board of Studies, and Mr Patrick Lee, the Chief Executive of the NSW Institute of Teachers - examines the key stages of a teacher's career.

"This is the ideal time for us to be having this conversation," Mr Piccoli said.

"We have new national teaching standards and curriculum, we have a new model for funding NSW public schools and we have a new wave of teachers emerging from our universities.

"The Great Teaching, Inspired Learning discussion paper asks the tough questions about every aspect of the teacher career lifecycle from, are we getting the right kind of people choosing teaching as a career, through to what incentives and rewards could we give those outstanding teachers in our schools to encourage them to stay in the classroom."

Consultation will run until 2 November 2012, with an online forum to run between 24 August and 5 October 2012.

Read the Great Teaching, Inspired Learningdiscussion paper.

The Government will release a set of directions as a result of the consultation in early 2013.


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