Connecting with the zoo

At Taronga Zoo, educators are keen to use the latest digital communications technologies to extend student learning experiences.

The department's NSW Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre (CLIC) proposed an idea that would see Taronga teachers delivering some lessons via Adobe Connect - a web conferencing technology tool.

A trial was conducted using Year 7 Carlingford High School students who connected with Taronga Zoo remotely, following their science excursion to the school. The post-excursion activity allowed students to consolidate what they had learned at the zoo, and to 'chat' with each other and the zoo education staff about their experiences.

With the students connecting to the zoo remotely, the education officers could reinforce the previous learning, give new lessons and chat with the students live.

The students could see the educators as well as seeing videos and other learning tools.

The lesson Zoo Connect - bringing the zoo experience to the classroom' was nominated for the international Adobe Educators' Choice awards where it was voted runner-up in the primary/secondary cross-curricular category.


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