Cohesive Community School Award

Auburn North PS students

A south western Sydney public school has been recognised for its outstanding achievement and contribution in promoting a cohesive community and developing social harmony and unity.

Department director-general Michele Bruniges announced Auburn North Public School as the recipient of the 2012 Cohesive Community School Award. It was chosen out of a potential 4,000 NSW government and non-government schools.

Regional director South Western Sydney Murat Dizdar said Auburn North Public School received the award in recognition of the diversity of its programs to promote a cohesive community, and due to the strong links it has established with local community groups.

Innovative programs the school ran included Harmony House where parent literacy and numeracy classes were conducted, and Harmony Garden, a kitchen garden full of herbs and vegetables used in the preparation of foods familiar to almost 40 nationalities represented at the school.

Special commendations for 2012 were received by:

  • Lord Howe Island Central School (North Coast Region)
  • Cambridge Learning Community (Western Sydney Region).

The Cohesive Community School Award has been presented since 2005 to schools that have implemented initiatives and programs promoting social harmony and unity.

Photo: Auburn North Public School students.


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